2 implants, 2 root canals, 3 tooth bridge, bone graft, 6 upper front caps, 6 lower front caps, correct occlusion,

grind off 2 old crowns off implants and replace U S quote 42555.00 Over the phone quote based on what U S DOCTORS SAID I NEEDED, 6500.00. After exam by Dr.

Guerrara 4250.00. Said All the work quoted was not needed. Only what I listed. I would have gladly paid 6500.00.

These people are reputable and given a chnce will fix any problem to your satisfaction. I chipped a front cap 3 weeks after installation. I called Manny and he said when can U come back. Its our fault and we will fix it.

When I got there Dr guerrera recalled I wasn"t sure about the color of my front teeth. He said since we have to replace that cap we could easily replace the other caps to a whiter shade for free. I decided to go for it. but felt bad so I asked them to do the lower 6 caps.

they gave me a great deal and helped me on the air fair. I was treated better than family. I was picked up at the airport and brought across the border and back to the hotel and even given time to shop in Nuevo Progreso. The town is safe friendly with good prices on liquor- medications- vanilla extract.

Manny and his staff are friendly, mannerly. Clinic is spotless, with sterile american dental products. Work is virtually painless and fast. One ill fitting crown was sent back to the lab repaired and back in an hour.

Super great service!

I would go back in a heartbeat. By the way I am a Nurse anesthetist- Tom Forte

Product or Service Mentioned: Stetic Implant Dental Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $37000.

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These good reviews are written by Stetic Implants posing as customers. Such a crock.

People don't visit sites like pissed reviews to applaud ***.

Stetic low budget thieves would. Thats how low these people go.


Beware, many of these tourism clinics behave in an unethical manner when it comes to advertising and covering up complaints. Dental tourism = How lucky do you feel?!


ok if you paid 6'500 and had such a great experience , why do they tell me they have no money , are you the ONLY person who has paid in the last 2 years? or is your name john or manny??


this is a self made review from stetic


This is all a lie and written by an employee


lol then why do you post anonymously? HILARIOUS

to Anonymous #783629

why did you????????


thats funny they screwed my mouth up so bad that 2 years later im still having surgeries for corrections . AND they have yet to pay me what was agreed on paper.

insted stetic /Manny finds every excuse not to pay when he promises and has lied every time i ttalked to him after he found out how much damage was dont by the faulty dental appliance that left me in emergency surgery .

He doesnt follow through , he can lie cheat and steal break every simgle deal , and im expected to keep quiet? I doubt thats going to happen .

to Anonymous Blair, Nebraska, United States #701321

me to anonymous . me too!!

stetic implant and dental centers couldnt get 1 thing right in my mouth or my husbands . they took a good tooth and put a crappy crown on it , and left the tooth that needed work , he did the wrong tooth!

the partial is so thick it is unable to be used . and mine is posted all over so im sure you might have seen it ;)


Stetic implant & dental centers is a joke they do not need to go by the strict protective measures as the usa, thats why its cheaper , thats why Stetic implant & dental centers have so much infection and bad reviews out there .

Stetic implant & dental centers wrights their own good reviews .

Stetic implant & dental centers has no Ethics or shame in butchering people .

Stetic implant & dental centers if you dont care about how you turn out in the end . go for it . but many people have been wrongly treated infections surgeries .and Stetic implant & dental centers will not stand behind their work .

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