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Stetic Implant Dental - Stetic implant and dental centers manny payen and  his robots
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STETIC IMPLANT & DENTAL CENTERS / STETICIDC.COM ---horrible dental work . implants all had to be removed because of their faulty appliance . bone grafting sinus lifts years of surgey , broken promises . this clinic is all about sales and money . could care less how your work turns out . theyeven ground of the wrong tooth on my husband and replaced a good us crown with a crappy jagged mexico crown . how do you mess up on what tooth to work on... Read more

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I had a terrible expierence in Cancun as well with Joaquin Berron. While it might seem cheaper to go to Cancun than to have dental work in the U.S, if you get a crooked and/or incompetent dentist as i did, the cost can be additional thousands of dollars to get American dentists to make repairs. Stay away from Cancun for dental work- American dentists charge far too much for the work they do, and always raise questions about why they are wanting... Read more

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This letter to Stetic Dental sums Manny, As you may remember, the bridge that was replaced on my upper left side felt loose shortly after returning home the first time. This was the same one replaced on this trip. I called you to see what could be done and I remember that you cussed and didn't offer any solution. I have also emailed you and you didn't respond. As you know, It's very expensive to keep flying back for repairs and or replacement.... Read more

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NOT Static....correction...Stetic Implants Jonh Bogus (the cook)...who wears a pink cowboy hat while pretending to have a medical degree, is full of it. The only papers you have acquired in life is #1 king size liar papers, and thats why Manny (Stetic Implants) hired you. I know Holly and I was there to see how you mangled her mouth. You make me sick with your tactics to fool the readers of this site. She could have lost her life and never... Read more

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John stop and think , your lab guy messed up so bad on what I paid for the bridge attached to implants , that I ended up with a FAULTY denture that caused EMERGENCY surgery , and several trips to the emergency room right after returning home . not only did you fly me back yes you did , but because there was an implant in the roof of my mouth ! you John are also not trained in dental work , you took no schooling , but you were the one... Read more

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stetic and their doctors and special team of untrained people working in my mouth ,caused me great bodily harm , needing hospital visits one ending in emergency surgery , leaving my mouth cut from one side to the other . stetic had implants in my sinus nasel and in the roof of my mouth . I had very serious infections for months and months . I had to have several reconstructive surgeries adding cadabor bone to my jaw just to build my... Read more

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Stetic Implant Dental - Dream turned into nightmare
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I think if you look at the pics it gives a good idea , infections after infections , emergency surgery , several reconstructive surgeries, loss of thousands and thousands of dollars . and the clinic turns their back on me . thought I would add 1 of many many doctor reports , and yes I have xrays emails , mail , receipts , and more . so weather or not you believe me is up to you , but this IS THE TRUTH , and I wish this on no one ever years... Read more

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after a year of back and forth to mexico for implants and for them to heal etc . i go back for what should have been a joyful time , turned nightmare. i had implants in sinuses in the roof of my mo uth and out of line . they would not listen to the surgeon with angeled abutments . and slopped some stuff together to make a denture not an arch a crowns as promised . a 250 denture cemented on so tight when i got off the airplane from... Read more

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Stetic implant & dentalc enters . took my money for dental implants and when i returned home the faulty appliance had cut off blood flow in my mouth . my body went into shock from the pain day 2 after returning home had to have emergency surgery .and since then several extensive surgeries for repairs of my sinuses and gums , bone grafting sinus lifts etc . they refuse to refund all my money , because i spoke the truth on the internet .... Read more

Was this review helpful? 3 1 i want my money returned they have destroyed my life and self worth , i can not chew or smile , i am miserable and sad . and this is all caused from what they have done to me . why did i go and trust them . because i was desperate to have teeth!! and was promised a pretty smile and got nothing no bone... Read more

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